Can’t commit to the shifts? Consider becoming a transport volunteer, or working on fundraising!

So you want to be a volunteer?

We have a variety of needs here at Saco River Wildlife Center and we’d love to have you as a volunteer!
We require at least one 4.5 hour shift a week from every volunteer starting off, and you will be trained and paired with a more experienced volunteer in the beginning. We love those who can do weekday mornings and afternoons, and we are always in need of people with flexible schedules who can cover holes and fill in for absences on short notices. You will be trained to:

  • assess incoming animals for injury, disease, and dietary needs based on age
  • properly clean and sterilize equipment, toys, laundry, and food/water dishes
  • feed animals of all ages
  • clean enclosures, both indoor and outdoor
  • provide enrichment for all animals (they get bored and stir-crazy, too!)
  • wear proper PPE and safety equipment

Questions are always welcome during your shifts- we don’t expect you to perfectly memorize everything on day one- and every volunteer will get a chance to safely interact with the animals on site. We also host get-togethers and cookouts when we can as a thank you for everyone’s hard work, and we’re in the midst of planning fun annual trips for volunteers to further reward them for their time!

Do you want to help but just don’t have the time to come in every week? Maybe your car just isn’t as reliable as you’d like, or you have kids and no way to even spare a full four and a half hours. That’s okay! We need people who can gather and drop off donations, help organize fundraisers, put out donation boxes at local businesses, and otherwise support us and spread the word to the community. Sometimes the simple act of transporting an animal to us can make a world of difference.

For other questions about volunteer opportunities, contact us via our ​Facebook​ or send us an email at

Don’t fret if you don’t hear back right away: SRWC is a private facility run by a small number of volunteers, and we can’t always respond as quickly as we’d like.