Saco River Wildlife Center has recently opened up naming opportunities at our facility! To recognize your generous donation, a plaque with a name, memorial, or short message will be engraved and placed on the enclosure. Further recognition will be discussed with the donor (website, social media, etc. depending on comfort level.) Naming opportunities will last for as long as the enclosure/building is standing.
For naming opportunities please contact Lauren Kennedy by emailing

Outdoor Enclosures

We currently have 7 outdoor enclosures with naming opportunities available. Outdoor enclosures are the last step prior to our wildlife patients being released back into the wild. During this vital time in these enclosures, they are safely reintegrated into the wilderness while still contained enough for our staff and volunteers to monitor their health and healing. Multipurpose enclosures house various species: skunks, foxes, fishers, coyotes, squirrels, chipmunks, porcupines, opossums, etc.

$7,000 Large multipurpose enclosure 

$5,000 Raccoon enclosure

$5,000 Raccoon enclosure

$5,000 Raccoon enclosure

$5,000 Multipurpose enclosure- SPONSORED

$5,000 Multipurpose enclosure

$5,000 Multipurpose enclosure

Flight Enclosure

Did you know we are one of six locations in Maine that rehabilitate bats? We are dedicated to helping native Maine bat species! A flight enclosure for our bats allows the space for our patients to stretch and use their wings. This space also allows our staff and volunteers to evaluate if our patients are strong enough to be released back into the wild.

$2,500 Flight Enclosure


Saco River Wildlife Center was founded by Bethany Brown in 2015. Since then, she has been successfully able to run this wildlife rehabilitation center out of the basement of her home. However, this past year the intake of wildlife has doubled- bringing the center close to 600 intakes in 2020! 

As SRWC continues to grow as an organization and resource to communities across the state of Maine, a decision to expand and build a small facility on the property was made. This project is currently underway. With this naming opportunity, you will be contributing to thousands of wildlife lives being rehabilitated.

We have a handful of naming opportunities for the new facility: 

$50,000+ building name

$5,000 Isolation Room

$5,000 Medication Room

$5,000 Intake Area

$7,000 Bat room

$7,000 Mammal area

For naming opportunities please contact Lauren Kennedy by emailing